We are a development

consulting agency

based in South Africa

and working internationally

About Us

Two heads are better than one! As an expert team of bold, talented, empathetic technical experts, analysts, evaluators, strategists and creative professionals, our committed development practitioners (with big hearts) will be your facilitators, advisors, evaluators, and sometimes, your constructive critics whether you’re a non-profit or civil society organisation, government department, international funder, business or development organisations.

Our Goal

Create a community of global changemakers to implement innovative development solutions that address global socio-economic challenges to transform communities.

Our Drive

Inspire clients and partners with new insights by providing quality development consulting services that are relevant, impactful and useful.


Respect the communities we serve by engaging with empathy and sensitivity in the diverse contexts and landscapes our clients and their beneficiaries work.


Using our expertise with tried and tested methodologies to create a sustainable development sector so that our clients can meaningfully achieve their development goals.


Taking pride in what we do and how we do it, our ethics form the core of every task, big or small. Our long-standing client and partner relationships are testimony to these integrated values.

Our History

Founded in 2003 by Lindy Briginshaw, Creative Consulting & Development Works, successfully completed over 100 development evaluations and research projects for over 60 organisations across 25 countries. And now, we’re moving with the ever-changing landscape to become an agency for change in the name of Development Works Changemakers! Our global agency specialising in research and evaluation, capacity building, communities of practice, facilitating change processes and technical support, continues to proudly contribute to the global development sector as strategic development practitioners, technical experts, Changemakers and most of all seasoned evaluators.